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Social District Summary:

Did you know that Gulfport has "leisure and recreation" districts that allows to-go cups for alcoholic beverages?

This allows patrons to leave the licensed premises with an open container of alcohol and allow those patrons to carry and consume alcoholic beverages within the designated Social District.

A patron, guest or member of the restaurant/bar may leave with an open container of alcoholic beverage and/or wine from the licensed premises and may possess and consume the alcoholic beverage and/or wine outside of the licensed premises anywhere within the boundaries of the District subject to the following regulations:

  1. A person may NOT enter (or re-enter) a licensed premise with an alcoholic beverage, whether acquired at that licensed premises or elsewhere.
  2. Alcoholic beverages may leave restaurant/bar only in a paper or plastic cup, not larger than 16 fluid ounces in size, or in a capped or lidded plastic, styrofoam or paper container, not larger than one gallon in size.
  3. No cans, bottles, glass or other containers than paper or plastic, except as otherwise designated by law.
  4. No more than one open container of alcoholic beverages per person.
  5. Social District Boundaries are defined by corresponding map.





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