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City of Gulfport - Leisure Services Department

8th Avenue Park
Address: 2801 7th Avenue
Amenities: Baseball Field

19th Street Park
Address: 3319 19th Street
Amenities: Playground Module, Splash pad, Baseball Field, Basketball Court, Pavilion

28th Street Park
Address: 2723 33rd Avenue
Amenities: Playground Module, Basketball Courts (4), Pavilion, Concession Area (rent), Restrooms

30th Street Park
Address: 2400 30th Street
Amenities: Playground Module, Basketball Court, Open Field

Bullis Avenue Park
Address: 1919 Bullis Avenue
Amenities: Enclosed Basketball Courts (2)

Bayou Bernard Park
Address: 1890 Switzer Road
Amenities: Boat Launches, Boardwalk Trails, Fishing Piers

Bayou View Baseball Complex
Address: 4401 Searle Avenue
Amenities: Six Baseball Fields, Playground Module, Concession Area, Batting Cages (2), Restroom

Bayou View Park
Address: 4901 Jefferson Avenue
Amenities: Playground Module, Lighted Walking Track, Swings, Tennis Courts (2), Pavilion, Restroom, Pavilion (5)

Brickyard Bayou Park
Address: 3317 Jeffrey Circle
Amenities: Dog Park, Two Mile Bike Trail, Community Garden, Disc Golf, Educational Nature Trail, Outdoor Classroom

Broadmoor Park
Address: 2315 Broadmoor Place
Amenities: Playground Module, Swings, Tennis/Pickleball Court

Clower-Thornton / Coffee Creek Nature Trail
Address: 300 E Railroad Street
Amenities: Lighted Walking Trail, Bird Watching, Pavilion, Boardwalk

East North Gulfport Park
Address: 8240 Florida Avenue
Amenities: Playground Module, Splashpad, Basketball Courts, Walking Track, Pavilion (2), Grills

Francis X. Collins Park
Address: 2204 Swetman Blvd
Amenities: Playground Module, Walking Track, Swimming Pool, Pavilion, Pond

Gaston Point Park
Address: 1501 Mills Avenue
Amenities: Playground Module, Splashpad, Walking Track, Baseball Field, Concession Area (rent), Pavilion

Goldin Sports Complex and Park
Address: 12136 Prudie Circle
Amenities: Baseball/Softball Fields (4), Playground Module, Splash pad, Tennis Courts (4), Pavilion, Concession Area, Football Fields (2)

James Hill Park
Address: 1950 Switzer Road
Amenities: Playground Module, Tennis Courts (2), Boardwalk Trails, Pavilions, Open Field, Fishing Piers

Jones Park
Address: 2250 Jones Park Drive
Amenities: Playground Module, Splash pad, Amphitheater, Concrete Walking Paths, Outdoor Fitness Units, Barksdale Pavilion/Leo Seal Plaza (rent), Harbor Market Pavilion (rent), Splash Pad Pavilion, Comfort Station

Magnolia Grove Park (Katie Booth)
Address: 501 26th Street
Amenities: Playground Module, Splash pad, Basketball Court, Pavilion

Owen T. Palmer Park
Address: 1400 2nd Street
Amenities: Playground Module, Swings, Walking Track, Tennis Court, Pavilion, Basketball Court

Silver Ridge Park
Address: 366 Live Oak Avenue
Amenities: Playground Module, Pavilion, Grills

Villa Del Ray Park
Address: 3610 Reynosa Drive
Amenities: Playground Module

Westside Park
Address: 3904 West Beach Boulevard
Amenities: Playground Module (2), Lighted Walking Track, Pavilion, Splash pad, Swings



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