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Gulfport's Mayors

The following is a list of all those who served as mayor of the City of Gulfport, Mississippi and their terms. Many of these leaders have had buildings and landmarks named in their honor, such as the Ken Combs Pier or the Joseph Milner Stadium.

Finley B. Hewes (1898)
Spencer S. Bullis (1899-1902)
Joseph Ballenger (1902-1904)
Henry D. Moore (1905-1906)
Joseph W. Thomas (1907-1908)
George W. Foote (1909-1910)
Joseph W. Thomas (1911-1912)
William H. Bouslog (1913-1914)
George W. Foote (1915-1918)
Charles R. Haydon (1919-1924)
Joseph W. Milner (1925-1948)
Milton T. Evans (1948-1953)

R.B. Meadows (1953-1969)
Phillip Shaw (1969-1973)
C.L. Bullock (1973-1975)
A.W. "Buzzy" Lang (1975-1977)
John H. "Jack" Barnett (1977-1985)
Leroy Urie (1985-1989)
Ken Combs (1989-1997)
Bob Short (1997-2001)
Ken Combs (2001-2005)
Brent Warr (2005-2009)
George Scholegel (2009-2013)
Billy Hewes (2013-Present)



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